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College Classes for Year 2021-22

Posted Date: 04/21/2021

College Classes for Year 2021-22

From Diane Bacon, Counselor

1. Please sign up for the Google spreadsheet that I have shared with all of you of what classes you want to take (not necessarily what you listed on the pre-enrollment forms). The classes are: College Algebra, College Statistics, Comp I/II, College Speech (has now been added to the Google Sign-Up Sheet), College Online Classes-Psychology, Sociology, CNA, CMA, other requests. This is for me to gather a testing list for Cowley. If you aren't sure whether you have qualified or not, please see me or email me AFTER you look at the attached document.

2. You must pass the tests either by ACT Scores or the Next Gen Accuplacer.

18 Reading, 20 English, 21 Math on ACT or may have to take Accuplacer tests in Reading, Writing, Math. Comp I/II requires English/Reading on ACT and Writing/Reading on Accuplacer.I have study guides if needed to help prepare for the Accuplacer tests on April 29th beginning at 8am.

3. Prior to taking the Accuplacer, you must have a Cowley ID # so that Cowley may test you on the NextGen Accuplacer through their system. You MUST apply for admissions at, go to admissions, then select choice for I am in high school taking college classes. You will need your Social Security Number.

4. Please fill out the High School FastTrack Permission Slip Form C and get it to me ASAP. I cannot release any test scores to Cowley without this signed.

5. You may go ahead and fill out the Cowley High School Enrollment Form and turn in to me, but remember, you won't be enrolled until Cowley receives the passing scores. Please see the attached example of course numbers for our school. If you are taking an online course that isn't listed, please go to and select online courses, then search for course. Numbers and textbook information will pop up.

6. If you enroll, then decide not to take the class there is withdrawl or drop paperwork and you will need to see me for those forms.

7. If you do not pass the first Accuplacer Exam, you may go to any Cowley Site to retest (cost is $5.00). You must make an appointment to take the exam. Mulvane and Wellington are the closest sites to either test or retest.

8. If you are enrolling in the 1/2 programs for Welding, Automotive, NDT, Mechanics, Agriculture, EMT, or Cosmetology programs, please see Mrs. Bacon as the paperwork and enrollment process is slightly different. The 1/2 programs must also be able to coordinate with your high school courses in regards to requirements. You must be a junior or senior to take these courses.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call me, set an appointment or email me for information.