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Drivers Education

Posted Date: 05/17/2021

Drivers Education

Dear Parents and Students,

Here is the updated information on Driver’s Education for the summer of 2021.

1.     Mr. Simmons, Belle Plaine’s new Driver’s Ed instructor, will be finished with his practicum, coursework and final exam by June 25th.

2.     The Kansas Department of Education has given me an estimate of 7 days after that for the State Department to officially certify him.

3.     We are planning to have a parent/student meeting on June 29th to have parents/students fill out the DE-99 form and for the students to take the handbook test. 

4.     Driver’s Ed is scheduled to start on July 5th and run through July 22nd.

The cost of Drivers' Ed remains $140 per student.


Jim Sutton