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Here you will find helpful sites when searching for scholarships and obtaining financial aid information.  Avoid scams and paying for free services when you’re searching for scholarships, filling out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid , and sharing your personal information.  For helpful tips visit  

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General Information

21-22 October/November Senior Scholarship Information 


COLLEGE REP/Student Events




Contact Name


Kansas Wesleyan University

Tue, 10/5



Mary King


Fort Hays State University

Tue, 10/5



Ryan Grasser


Personal Trainer

Fri, 10/8



Will be in Coach Ks Class.

Personal Training and overall Health

Hutchinson Community College

Tue, 10/26



Katheryn Eberly


Emporia State University

Tue, 10/26



Denelle 620-794-3602


Butler Community College

Thu, 10/28



Janelle Darr



 FAFSA/ Financial Aid-May submit October 1st.  Each college is different on deadlines, but remember first come first serve on money so talk to parents about submitting application. 

 Hutch CC Fire Science Day Oct. 1, 2021 

 Washburn University Ichabod Days:  

Senior / Junior Day Combined - Friday, November 5, 2021

  • Senior / Junior Day Combined - Friday, January 28, 2022

Click link to create an account and register: Click here to register

 Cowley College Senior Day, Wednesday, November 10, 2021

9:00 AM to 1:00 PM CST

 Senior Day at Butler County Community College - Friday, November 12 at Butler-Andover Campus and Saturday, November 13th at El Dorado 9-12:45.  Register at:

 Butler Fine Arts & Communication Scholarship Auditions and Interviews(Music, Mass Communications, Theatre, and Visual Art):

Friday, November 12, 2021, Friday, March 4th and Saturday, March 5, 2022

You do not need to major in the art or communication to receive a scholarship.  

Go to 

 Barton Senior Day - November 17th.  Register at:


Local Scholarships (None at this time)

 Kansas Scholarships

 Rudd Scholarship (for Kansas residents who qualify for a Pell Grant) - Applications open on October 11, 2021.  Must be Pell-Eligible so get the FAFSA filled out asap!  

   Kansas Buffalo Association - October 15, 2021 You must be involved in raising bison and/or 

plan to pursue a career in an agriculturally related field.

Wendy’s Heisman /Acceptance Insurance State and National Finalists/Winnershttps: is October 19, 2021

 Hagan Scholarship  (for Rural Students) December 1, 2021

College Scholarships

 Fort Hays State University Scholarship  Priority Deadline: November 15, 2021

 Kansas State University Scholarships  Will need a K-State Account February 1, 2021

Pratt Community College Crop Applicator Program/Scholarships/Agriculture Department, go to or contact or call 620-450-2186

 University of Kansas Scholarships (College or University) December 1, 2021 Priority Deadline

WSU - Merit Scholarships - Merit, Honors Merit and National Merit Scholarships. December 1, 2021 - Deadline. WSU Merit Scholarships

 Wichita State University - Distinguished Scholarship Invitational (Must be admitted to WSU by November 1) - Linwood Sexton Deadline: December 1, Jabara deadline: December 17th

 Washburn University Scholarships. Register at

 Wichita State University Various Scholarships -

 WSU College of Engineering (WISE) Must apply to WSU before November 1, 2021

 Kansas State University Scholarships Deadline February 1, 2021 for priority

 National Scholarships

Talent Show Scholarship-September 30, 2021 19, 2021

CJ Pony Parts  Video Contest - October 15, 2021

WSU College of Engineering (WISE) Must apply to WSU before Oct. 15, 2021

Coca-Cola Scholarship October 31, 2021

A Voice of Democracy Scholarship - Oct. 31, 2021

UMKC School of Medicine six-year B.A./M.D. Program - November 1, 2021

Electric Mobile Device IT Innovation Scholarship - November 1, 2020

Prudential Spirit of the Community Scholarship (Open to ALL Middle school and ALL High School students) Nov. 4, 2021

Mesothelioma Cancer Victims Memorial Scholarship - November 8, 2021 (How cancer has 

Elks Most Valuable Student Competition - November 15, 2021

James Cox Students Photography Scholarship - November 15, 2021

Dr. Juan Andrade Jr. scholarship - November 30, 2020 (Must be Hispanic)

The Rumba Meats Scholarship-(Must be Hispanic) November 30, 2021

Leaders Saves Lives Scholarship (Red Cross) ASAP

September 2021 Scholarships/Events Listings


FAFSA opens up Oct. 1, 2021

K-State EXCITE Shadow Day --September 22 & November 10th  (See website for the deadline to apply.) 

Fire Science Student Field Day, September 24th & October 1st at Hutchinson Community College, register at








National Guard



8:30 AM


SGT. Dierks room 136

Military service

Healthy Green Nutrition



10:00 AM


Will be at the Healthy Green Nutrition Offices.

Nutrition and Diet

CocaCola HR





Amy Brand room 136

Recruiting, onboarding, hiring

Kansas State University





Edyn room 136

Overview of KSTATE

Kansas State Trooper





Trooper Gilmore room 136

Getting into Law Enforcement

 College Scholarships

Wichita State University - Distinguished Scholarship Invitational (Must be admitted to WSU by Oct. 15) - Admissions Application Deadline for participation in DSI, Barton, Klose, Wallace, Koch, and McGregor Scholarship Competitions  November 1, 2021

WSU College of Engineering (WISE) Must apply to WSU before Oct. 15, 2021

 State Scholarships

 National Scholarships

Scholarship Newsletter with multiple PDF Scholarships: fill out info to download:

Easy Scholarships - September 15, 2021 and September 20, 2021

DDS Dental Scholarship - (You must go into dentistry) - Sept. 22, 2021

Sixt Scholarship - Only the first 500 submitted applications will be accepted.

Don't Text and Drive Scholarship - Sept. 30, 2021

Our Shout it Out Scholarship - September 30, 2021

Money Metals Exchange Scholarship - Sept. 30, 2021

OppU Achievers Scholarship - September 30, December 31, March 31, and June 30.

Create Real Impact Contest - Closes November 3rd, 2021

Save a Life Scholarship - October 1, 2021

AES Scholarship - Essay - When you look back on your life in 30 years, what would it take for you to consider your life successful? What relationships or accomplishments will be important on this journey?.  Oct.8, 2021

Ivy Panda Scholarship -(Video Entry)  October 31, 2021


Junior Opportunities for Scholarships/Events


Barton County Community College Junior Day is on Wednesday, April 14th (am).  Available majors that will be there:  Agriculture, Art, Athletic Training, Business, Criminal Justice, Early Childhood, EMS, General STudies, Medical, Music, Natural Gas, Nursing, Psychology, Scales Technician, STEM, Theatre, and WElding. 


Sign up at or call Admissions office at 620-792-9286.  Sign up before April 5th. 


All students who attend Junior Day will receive a free t-shirt, and be entered in a drawing including 1 $1,000 scholarship and 2 $500.00 scholarships, as well as Barton goodies, free lunch plus more. 


Cowley College Junior Tiger Preview Day:  Wednesday,  April 7, 2021 9am-Noon.  W.S. Scott Auditorium.   Contact or call admissions to get registered.


2021 April, May, June and July Deadlines/ Senior Scholarship Listing


IMPORTANT for ALL MALES 18 and over or within 30 days of turning 18:  

For Males:  Please know that it is mandatory to register by the age of 18 for the selective service.  Within 30 days of your 18th birthday, you may register.  If you have already turned 18, please register immediately.  (I believe this is still on the FAFSA if you have completed that, if not, please go to the website to register to avoid any penalties by law).  Go to

Local & County

Lanore Bishop Educational Scholarship Guidelines-Cover Sheet Page and Application Page- Deadline to turn in to Mrs. Bacon is March 5, 2021- Deadline has been extended due to a misprint on the BPCF website. Postmark by  MAR 12, 2021

Kenneth Gooch:  The Shelter Insurance Foundation- March 31, 2025-Please turn in to Mrs. Bacon.

Instructions/Cover Sheet



KS Star Casino AllStars Scholarship  go to$1,000.00, please read all the guidelines (very important!) Deadline is April 17, 2021. (Not open to sign up until March 15th)

OPAA Scholarship, Deadline April 1, 2021

 Valley State Bank-April 19, 2021 Return to Mrs. Bacon I have emailed these to seniors.  See me if you’d like paper copies.  

 OPAA Scholarship, Deadline April 1, 2021

Belle Plaine Booster Club- Deadline April 2, 2021- I have emailed these to seniors.  See me if you’d like paper copies.  Return to Mrs. Bacon 

Belle Plaine Junior League-Deadline April 1, 2021-I have emailed these to seniors.  See me if you’d like paper copies.  Return to Mrs. Bacon 

 Belle Plaine Woman’s Club Scholarship – April 2, 2021 (For Males or Females-We won’t be here the 2nd so turn in on the 1st).  

Haviland Telephone Scholarship - April 1, 2021-Parent or Guardian must be a customer of Haviland Broadband. (If you have a parent who lives in this area).  

Valley State Bank-April 19, 2021 Return to Mrs. Bacon I have emailed these to seniors.  See me if you’d like paper copies.  

Sumner County Farm Bureau - April 10, 2021-See counselor for copies

State Scholarships

Kansas Seed Industry Assoc. Scholarship - April 1, 2021

Kansas Financial Scholars Essay Scholarship Contest - April 1, 2021  -

Whitetails Unlimited WTU Scholarship - April 15, 2020 - I’m still checking in to this one to see if it is available for 2021 and will keep you posted.) 

I handed out copies of the State of KS Scholarship Packets out to the Kansas Scholar’s Curriculum Completers-you may also apply online (March 11, 2021) Online application:  Due May 1, 2021

Kansas Ethnic Minority Scholarship  May 1, 2021(or SOONER) Scroll down

Kansas Career Technical Workforce Grant  May 1, 2021 (or SOONER) Scroll down

Kansas National Guard Educational Assistance  May 1, 2021 (or SOONER) Scroll down

Kansas Nursing Service Scholarship  May 1, 2021 (or SOONER) Scroll down

Kansas State Scholarship  May 1, 2021or SOONER) Scroll down

Kansas Teacher Service Scholarship May 1, 2021(or SOONER) Scroll down

College Scholarships

Please continue to check the college you are attending as most have scholarships available and are posted on their websites with details and deadlines.  Apply for scholarships ASAP after applying to the college admissions.  

Butler Scholarship - April 1, 2021

Emporia State University  - April 1, 2020

National Scholarships

AFSA Scholarship - April 1, 2021

'Project Yellow Light - Video and Radio - April 1, 2021

American Foreign Service Association Essay Contest - April 5, 2021

CJ Pony Parts  Video Contest - April 15, 2021

The 2021 Essay Contest - April 15, 2021

We The Students Scholarship Contest - April 15, 2021

Rosen & Ohr Scholarship - April 15, 2021

Chester Entrepreneur Scholarship -April 30, 2020

Voy Media Entrepreneur Scholarship - April 30, 2020 (I couldn't find a new 2021 scholarship)

Save a Life Scholarship - May 1, 2021

Rover Scholarship - May 1, 2021

DutchCrafters Heritage Scholarship - May 1, 2021

Red Cross Leaders Save Lives - January 16-May 2021 See for more dates.

Autoaccident Scholarship - May 1, 2021

Aging Matters Scholarship - May 15, 2021

"Celebrate the West" regional art competition - May 21, 2021

Triple-Impact Competitor Scholarship - May 31, 2021  (for JUNIORS)

Big Sun Athletic Scholarship June 19, 2021

Abbott and Fenner Scholarship June 30, 2021

Fleming Scholarship - June 30, 2021 

2020 Ponton Law Scholarship - July 31, 2021